I help Milennial women lose weight so they can pull out that Freakum Dress & wear it with confidence. 


We all have an inner Sasha Fierce. We just have to unleash her...



Hey Queen! I'm Sinclair. 

I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner who helps women lose weight, heal from within, and listen to their bodies with custom weight loss programs.


One day I looked in the mirror and at some old photos and realized that I had slowly and gradually packed on some extra unwanted pounds. This started to affect my confidence. I didn't really want to take pictures like I used to. And if I did, they definitely weren't posted. I tried EVERYTHING to lose weight: diet pills, meal replacement shakes, fasting, you name it. While some of these gave me some initial success, I never addressed the root cause of my weight gain, so the weight kept coming back.


In 2021 I decided to become an FDN-P and take myself through the program as my first client. I discovered so many things that were hindering my weight loss journey that I had never considered: hormonal imbalance (caused by stress), a compromised intestinal gut lining (from food intolerances), dysbiosis of my gut bacteria, and increased internal oxidation (advanced aging). Through FDN, I was able to learn more about my body through functional lab testing, identify healing opportunities, and create a protocol that would help my body heal from within and release the excess weight.


Within the first 30 days of the program, I lost 15 pounds, increased my energy levels, improved my digestion, and began to sleep better. Now I have set out to help other Queens who have struggled through their weight loss journey end the cycle of trial and error, stop counting calories, and transform into the confident Queen that’s already inside of you.


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My Signature Program


The 90 Day Weight Loss Formula is designed to identify the CAUSE of your weight gain so you can lose weight and keep it off for good. We will take an in depth look at your hormone and metabolic health and develop an individualized weight loss protocol.


Lose up to 30 pounds


Restore your energy



Heal your metabolism



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How it works

Step 1

BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL - we will make sure the program if right for you, and you are right for the program

Step 2

COMPLETE YOUR LAB TESTS - we will run 3 lab tests to get an in depth look at your hormone and metabolic health

Step 3

RESULTS & STRATEGY SESSION - a 90 minute comprehensive session to go over lab results & your 90 day protocol

Free Masterclasses

Education if a huge part my mission so please take advantage of these free masterclasses.


5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Weight Loss

Is weight loss one of your goals this year? There is so much more to consider than just calories in vs. calories out. You can cut all the calories in the world and STILL not achieve sustainable weight loss. There are a few critical things missing from the weight loss conversation...until now. Join me as I go over the 5 things EVERY woman should know about weight loss in order to lose the weight AND keep it off.


Calories: Only Part of the Weight Loss Equation

Learn why most people struggle losing weight sustainably using the simple "calories in vs calories out" method. Although that methodology can be helpful to get folks eating more mindfully and moving their bodies, it has several pitfalls that no one ever talks about...until now.


6 Hormone Hacks for Weight Loss

Did you know hormones control everything from your mood to your ability (or inability) to lose weight? I never thought my hormones were affecting my weight because they are often left out of the weight loss conversation. Tap in to learn 6 hacks you can implement today to help balance your hormones and facilitate healthy fat loss.

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One of the hardest parts of any transformation is staying consistent. Studies show that an accountability group/partner increases your likelihood of success by 95%.

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